Meannwhile (Prod. by Vic Grimes)


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I'm here to publish the language,
punish & vanquish
those unfit & anxious

they'll plummet with anguish
submit or vanish
rubish get's band kid

wit no budget established,
I'll commit & Manage

- preserve your breath
I'll get disturbed in depth

don't you blurt unless
it's slurred when said

yet i'd prefer to guess

I mean c'mon man
some have rehersed & wept

what an absurd attept

it's a waste of time
like what some interns invest

I'm the Current threat

Ya'll a nervous mess

most deserve to beg
& endure regret

It seems i perfect shit.

i've deceived being perceptive ..

i've unleashed a percentage
of perspective

sentence per sentence


I'm callous & bear malice
average & dare challenge
I'm candid wit rare talent

These Manics
get scared & panic
they end up bandaged
impaired & thats it

Just imagine.. beware,
It's tragic.

with endurance,
I'll provide this kind of service

Mind Ya purpose

or hide behind the Curtains,
try to buy Insurance

I define assertive

the form's divine
these stored rhymes
are oversized & fortified

I'm borderline organized
& I inform just fine

what an important sign

If you're not horrified,
come forth with might

I'm Consistant & Decent

Consist of the Frequent
treatment for the thesis.

I'm sufficient & even

-Who's convinced & or speechless?


released 03 April 2014



all rights reserved


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